3D Print Friday : Mechanical Clock

3D Print Friday : Mechanical Clock

This Week's 3D Print Friday design highlight is the mechanical clock by Thegoofy.

Hello everyone! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” Time, is a magical word. It is considered as the fourth dimension, ever present and always on the roll. The art of measuring time is ancient and complex at the same time. Today’s design, explores the art of measuring time using a 3D printed object. This week’s design is the “3D Printed Mechanical Clock,” designed by ‘TheGoofy.’

3D Printed Mechanical Clock Design

“This mechanical clock demonstrates that 3D printing is not just for decoration. It’s possible to create intelligent, living things,” the designer of this amazing clock explains. Everything has been printed using a 3D printer except for the axis, the screws, the cord, and the lead for the weight. This clock shows time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

This Mechanical Clock uses an anchor escapement. An escapement is the mechanism in the clock which gives a small push to the pendulum to maintain its swing. It is called an anchor escapement because of the shape of the escapement mechanism which resembles an Admiralty pattern anchor. The design has three versions, each having varying sensitivity to accuracy and different running hours.

3D Prined Mechanical Clock Design

3D Printed Mechanical Clock Trivia

Mechanical clocks were preceded by sand clocks and sundials. The invention of the escapement in the 1300s allowed construction of mechanical clocks. The escapement derives its energy from a coiled spring or a suspended weight. This energy is used to compensate for energy lost due to friction experienced by the time keeping element. The anchor escapement was popularized by the William Clement who invented the Grandfather Clock.

3D Printed Mechanical Clock 2

3D Printing The Mechanical Clock

Clocks have high precision parts. Accuracy plays an important role in the successful printing of this design. The designer recommends the use of PLA filament, 0.125 millimeter layer resolution, and a 20% fill density. Choose to print this design and create a mechanical marvel at home. Happy printing!

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