3D Print Friday : FPV Quadcopter

Hello everybody! We wish all our readers a Happy and Prosperous New year! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” Leonardo da Vinci conceived of flying machines in the 15th century. Recently, drones have captured the imagination of the hobbyists and others alike. This week’s design of a quadcopter allows you to build a quadcopter at home. This week’s design is the “Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter,” designed by ‘Punkkills.’

3D Printed FPV Quadcopter Design

Punkkills’ First Person View (FPV) Quadcopter has been designed for crash resistance, with low weight and protection for its gear. It utilizes Micro Scisky Flight Controller and is designed for use with 8.5mm motor. The whole quadcopter fits into the palm of your hand and weighs merely 40g without batteries. It measures a mere 105mm on each side.

3D Printed FPV Quadcopter 4

The Flight controller, video transmitter, and camera are all housed in the center of the quadcopter. A 170 degree wide angle camera can been used in the model. The camera is mounted at a 13 degree angle to enable it to capture its flight in first person view. An Hubsan 8.5mm motor, propellers, and batteries where used in the original design.

3D Printed FPV Quadcopter 3

3D Printed FPV Quadcopter Operation

As the name suggests, Quadcopters have four propellers. The propellers on the same arm rotate in the same direction which yield opposing torque for control. The Quadcopter hovers or adjusts its height by virtue of equal thrust applied by all the motors. Yaw is corrected by increasing the thrust on motors rotating in the same direction.

Roll and pitch are adjusted by increasing the thrust in any one of the motors. The Quadcopter is controlled by applying the appropriate combinations of thrust to each motor.

3D Printed FPV Quadcopter 2

3D Printing FPV Quadcopter

Punkkills’ FPV Quadcopter is printed with 100% infill with a layer height of 0.3 mm. We suggest using ABS filament to enable the model to withstand the exposure to nature. Print the top and bottom parts in different colors to give a professional appearance to your model. Choose to print this design and experience the joy of flying! Happy printing!

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