3D Print Friday : Formosan Monkey

3D Print Friday : Formosan Monkey

3D printed Formosan Macaque

Hello everyone! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” New Year’s Day carries a special significance in all cultures. Chinese their own New Year happened on February 8. According to the Chinese calendar, this year is the ‘Year of Monkey.’  This week, we bring you a design that not only commemorates the New Year but also brings to fore the issues of the Formosan macaques. This week’s design is the “Bing-shen year of Formosan Monkey,” designed by Amaochan.

3D Printed Formosan Monkey Design

The 3D Printed Formosan Monkey design is influenced by the Chinese calendar. The Formosan Monkey’s design has 24 nodes. These nodes represent the 24 solar terms. The solar terms represent atmospheric changes. Each of the nodes on the design are rotatable and adjustable, permitting the monkey to have various positions and expressions. The design files also include the design of a tree stump which makes the model appear even more realistic.

3D Printed Formosan Monkey 3

3D Printed Formosan Monkey Conflict

Amaochan hopes to use this design to draw attention to the plight of the Formosan macaques in Taiwan. Formosan macaques, also known as Macaca Cyclopis, inhabit the Mountain Shou-shan in Taiwan. Recently, the macaques and humans have been in conflict as humans have disturbed the habitat of the macaques. The macaques have increasingly become dependent on the handouts of food given to them by tourists leading to a change in their foraging habits.

3D Printed Formosan Monkey 2

Presently, this conflict has lead to the disappearance of around 200 species of macaques. Conservationists have determined that encroachment of their habitat is the prime reason for extinction of certain species of macaques. Efforts are under way to educate the local population and tourists with regards to preserving the macaque population.

3D Printing  Formosan Macaque

Amaochan recommends using ABS filament with 0.2 mm resolution for printing this model. This model requires the use of support filament as well. It comes along with a video which demonstrates the assembly process. Choose to print this design and celebrate Chinese new year and nature. Happy printing!

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