3D Print Friday : Fallout Vault Boy

3D Print Friday : Fallout Vault Boy

3D printed Fallout Vault Boy

Hello everyone! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” Doomsday scenarios have caught the imagination of the Hollywood and the gamers alike. The Fallout series of games explores life in the aftermath of nuclear fallout in the 22nd century. Today, we bring you the design of a well known character from the Fallout series. Today’s design is the Fallout Vault Boy,” designed by ‘Abei.’

3D Printed Fallout Vault Boy Design

The vault boy design is inspired by Fallout 4 and very closely resembles the Vault boy character design from the game. The model has been printed using white filament. Post printing, the model has been painted using water based matte acrylic paint with an Aerograph and brushes.

“You can cover the model with dilute primer, it will whiten your print and increase adhesion. But don’t use primer if you don’t have an Aerograph”

3D Printed Fallout Vault Boy 2

3D Printed Fallout Vault Boy Background

The Fallout series of games were first developed by Interplay and later by Bethesda. The first Fallout game was launched on 30 September 1997. It was considered the spiritual successor to Interplay’s 1987 game “Wasteland.”

The game is set in a post-nuclear war scenario. Central to the theme are the “Vaults,” or the fallout shelters where survivors seek refuge from the wasteland.

Vault-tec is the manufacturer of these vaults and Vault boy is their mascot. He is present in all the representations of statistics of the game. The Vault Boy was originally designed by Leonard Boyarsky. The Fallout Vault Boy has become a representative mascot of the series itself with his vivacious grin and immaculate dress in the post-apocalyptic world.

3D Printed Fallout Vault Boy 3

3D Printing Fallout Vault Boy

Abei’s Fallout Vault Boy is a design with more than 700k polygonal faces. The higher the number of polygons the greater the detail, but this also increases the time needed for slicing. We suggest using ABS filament with 30% infill. Choose to print this design and have your own Fall Out Vault Boy. Happy Printing!

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