3D Print Friday : Quadcopter GoPro Gimbal

3D Print Friday : Quadcopter GoPro Gimbal

3D Printed Quadcopter GoPro Gimbal

Hello everyone! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” Camera is an important part of an FPV drone. Mounting a custom camera requires a custom gimbal for stabilization. This week, we bring you one such design which gives us an insight into the making of a gimbal. Today’s design is the “Diatone White Sheep GoPro Gimbal,” designed by ‘thefrog.’

3D Printed GoPro Drone Gimbal Design

The Diatone White Sheep GoPro Gimbal is a 2-axis gimbal. It uses two hollow shaft motors and a controller board for achieving stabilization. The hollow shaft motors enable unobtrusive cable management. This gives greater degree of freedom to the gimbal. The gimbal is mounted on shock absorbers to provide a highly stable platform for the camera.

Diatone White Sheep GoPro Gimbal 3

The casing for the GoPro and the gimbal itself have to be 3D printed. Two hollow shaft gimbal motors and a gimbal controller board are required to be purchased off the shelf. The GoPro camera is mounted in the housing. The accelerometer and the gyroscope on the craft provide inputs required by the controller board for stabilization of the camera.


3D Printed Drone GoPro Gimbal Utility

All flying objects undergo turbulence due to wind and atmospheric conditions. The footage recorded during such a flight appears shaken and requires considerable amount of editing. For professional quality footage, a camera requires a stable platform during flight. Gimbals provide stabilization by taking the inputs from sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscope to counteract the effect of turbulence and sway.

Diatone White Sheep GoPro Gimbal 2

3D Printing Drone GoPro Gimbal

All the parts are printed with 50% infill using ABS filament. The infill can be reduced if overall weight is a concern. The GoPro camera is additionally secured using a Velcro strip wound around the camera and the housing. Choose to print this design and get the perfect shot. Happy Printing!

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