3D Print Friday : Artichoke Lamp Shade

Hello everyone! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” Aristotle once said, “In all things of nature, there is something marvelous.” Nature has inspired a lot of designers and artists into creating masterpieces. This week, we bring you one such design which was inspired from the nature around us. This week’s design is the “Artichoke Lamp Shade,” designed by ‘gCreate.’

3D Printed Artichoke Lamp Shade Design

As the name suggests the Artichoke Lamp Shade takes inspiration from the geometry of the lesser known vegetable ‘Artichoke’ and light studies carried out by ‘Louis Poulsen,’ a Danish lighting manufacturer. The designs of Louis Poulsen have influences from the blackouts during World War I and World War II. The Artichoke Lamp Shade uses reflected light to illuminate rather than the direct light from the source itself. This results in a warm glow instead of bright light.

3D Printed Artichoke Lamp Shade 2

3D Printed Artichoke Lamp Shade Inspiration

Artichoke is a type of thistle which is cultivated as food. The bud of the flower is edible and has closely bunched petals. Artichoke has the highest reported antioxidant capacity in the vegetables. Artichoke is mainly cultivated in the Mediterranean basin. A Castroville Artichoke Festival is held annually in Castroville, Monterey County, California.

Artichoke bud

The Artichoke bud has been the inspiration of PH Artichoke Pendant manufactured by Louis Poulsen. PH in the name stands for Poul Henningsen, the designer of the lamp shade. Louis Poulsen was established in 1874. PH-Lamps are their signature products.

PH Artichoke Pendant

3D Printing Artichoke Lamp Shade

The Artichoke Lamp Shade is available as a single file and is printed in a single run. We recommend using ABS filament for printing this model. The designers recommend a 40% infill, high cooling and slow speed for printing the Artichoke Lamp Shade. Print this model to add a designer touch to your home décor. Happy printing!

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