3D Print Friday : 3D Printable VR Headset

Hello everyone! Welcome to this edition of “3D Print Friday!” All of us have dreams which feel real. These dreams are special because they are immersive. Virtual Reality enables us to have immersive experiences while awake. This week’s design takes you closer to the Virtual Reality world. This week’s design is the“3D Printable VR Headset for Smartphones,” designed by ‘AZ360VR.’

3D Printable VR Headset Design

AZ360VR’s 3D Printable VR Headset has been designed to work with a smartphone unlike the integrated display in the Oculus VR or Samsung Gear VR. It has most of the functions provided in a commercial VR Headset. It has a housing for the smartphone along with adjustable grips to hold a variety of smartphones, of various sizes, snugly in place.

The housing is snapped shut to lock it firmly in place. The lens holder rotates in and out for adjusting the focal length. The distance between the eyes varies widely according to cranial structure. The lens can also be moved in the horizontal direction to adjust the distance between the eyes using the knobs provided on the sides of the VR headset.

3D Printable VR Headset - 3

3D Printable VR Headset Utility

The 3D Printable VR Headset is useful for basic VR experiences. Google has a dedicated VR section in the play store for with virtual reality apps for  Google Cardboard. As opposed to this simple design, a fully loaded VR headset has more than 70 sensors in it to aid head tracking, motion tracking and other functions for a more immersive experience. This 3D Printable VR Headset provides a simple and affordable way to experience Virtual Reality.

3D Printable VR Headset - 2

3D Printing VR Headset

The 3D Printable VR Headset comes with full instructions and a list of items that are required for purchased off the shelf. The designer suggests usage of PLA filament with infill less than 15% for all the parts other than the lenses and the setscrew which are required to be purchased separately. Choose to print this design and gift yourself a VR headset this Christmas! Happy printing!

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